The Working Canine
Formally know as Alaskan Dream Dog Equipment

Quality Equipment for the Working Dog at Affordable Prices.
Welcome to The Working Canine !  
The Working Canine was originally known as Alaskan Dream Dog Equipment, but it has definitely
outgrown its name.  Alaskan Dream was my original kennel name when I had only Siberians and
malamutes and participated in dog sledding.  Now that I have not only my northern breeds, but
bully breeds as well (American Bulldogs, APBT's, and Presa's) and participate in a variety of dog
sports from dog sledding to dog carting, weight pulling, agility, etc.  I wanted a name that better
suited what I do and encompassed all dog breeds...hence the name,
The Working Canine.
Mimi, my AB, pulling over 1200 pounds at a competition.
What I Do

I started out in the early 90's running a
dog sled team that consisted of Siberians
and malamutes.  I then tried weight pulling
with my malamute, Brownie, in Lake
George, NY.  I've been hooked ever since!
 Now, well over 10 years later, I compete
with a variety of dogs including
Malamutes, Siberians, APBT's, AB's,
Presa Canario's, and of course our Saint
Bernard.  I still do dog sledding, but now I
also do carting, agility, obedience,
bikjoring, packing, and of course, my

I started making harnesses for 2 reasons.  
The first being to help support what I call
"my dog habit",  which is pretty self
explanatory.  The second reason is
because I want to share my love of dogs
and dog sports with others.  Whether
competitive or not, I enjoy teaching people
how to train their dogs.  

So, Come, Sit, Stay, and feel free to ask
My Malamute,
Brutus, and I at a
weight pull in 1997
at Lake George,
Contacting me

The Working Canine consists of just me and my husband, David.  
We handle every aspect from taking the orders to making the equipment
to shipping.  We do have a full time job, so please be patient trying to
reach us.

The easiest way to reach me is by email.  I try to
check my email daily Monday through Friday.

My husband, David, and our Saint Bernard, Harley at the Saint
Bernard Club of America's 2005 National Specialty.  Harley won
the Best Body Percentage Award that  year, and just missed
most weight pulled by one increment.

Melissa Kehler
PO Box 37
Port Clinton, PA 19549
Experience is what makes quality.
We have proven our experience,
have they?
My Malamute,
Hercules at a pull
in 2001.
My Weight Pull Harness

is just that - my design.  I make no false
giving you "the edge" over the competition.  
Nor will I fill your head with miracle harness
performance based on popular theories or

What  I do believe is that every dog is as
unique as its owner, and what works on one
dog is not necessarily going to work on
another.  I also believe in plain common
sense and training.

I designed my weight pull harnesses so that
the neck is soft and pliable and fit snug
around the base of the neck.  I do not like
the cold, hard taped foam pipe insulation
around the neck or on the breast of the dog.  
Would you wear something like that ???  I
know I wouldn't.

My spreader bar sits around the back hock
of the dog when not in use.  The shorter
length on the harness gives my dogs less
chance to tangle while working.  

Again, every dog is different.  I can't stress
that enough.  Every breed is different.  So
every harness should be different.

Now, what I do offer you is my experience
and what has worked for me over the years
on ALL my breeds.  Remember, I just don't
work one breed of dog, I work them all from
small to large.  From bully to hairy.

I also work my dogs on ALL types of
surfaces, from dirt to carpet, from snow to
rails.  I work my dogs in different
organizations.  I don't limit myself to just one
surface type or one weight pull group.  My
dogs are successful, versatile working dogs.

My design is nothing special.  Just something
that has proven to be good to me over the
years.  It obviously has worked for me and all
my dogs.   

      Missy K.
Dyna, aka Lil' Pitty, my beloved 26# pit
bull, pulling 3,000 pounds on rails.  One
amazing dog!
Hugger, my 28# pit bull.  She's
Dyna's sister.  My 7 year old son
now pulls her.
Homer, our malamute.  
Faces of the next generation
And don't forget to
check us out at the
events.  We usually
have dog equipment
such as tug toys,
leashes, collars, and
sometimes in stock
Harley, our Saint, on snow.
Mimi, our american bulldog.
Buell, our female Presa.
Electra, our pit bull.
Evo, our male presa, pulling over
3,000 lbs on dirt.
Custom Weight Pull