Handcrafted. Made in the USA. Now those are words that you
don't get to hear to often. I say them with pride. I put my heart and soul
into each product I make. From the smallest collar to the largest
harness, each one is made from scratch and built to last.

       Automation and instant gratification seems to rule business today.
Like most small businesses, that is not the case with The Working
Canine. I handle everything from the incoming/outgoing
communication, to making each individual product, to shipping, to
every aspect of that item....I am involved. It is a tough business, with
long hours that never seem to end. I don't get to punch a time clock
like many 9-5er's. From the moment I get up, to the time I go to bed, my
attention is on fullfilling orders.  It's a tough job, but something I take
alot of pride in.

And what really makes The Working Canine stand out, is that a portion
of our proceeds benefit Cannon County Community for Animals.  We
help foster, care for, transport, and place the strays in our community.  
So know that by supporting our business, you are helping us help the
unwanted dogs in our community.

What's new with us
This is Eagle, our APBT, at a
weight pull event in PA.
This is Harley, our Saint Bernard,
in one of our carts and  carting
The Working Canine              Quality Equipment at Affordable Prices
I've always had a love affair with animals, especially dogs.  I
was smitten with Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes.  
In the very early 90's, I was given the opportunity to take a
ride on a sled team.  It was an instant love affair.  There was
nothing better than harnessing up my team and going for a
run with my furry dogs.  It was at a dog sled race that I was
introduced to weight pulling.  
Our first event was in Lake George, NY.  My malamute,
Brownie, was entered in novice.  We sat along side the
frozen lake for hours before his class was up.  Nervous, I
hooked him up, and ran across the line.  Calling his name, he
looked away from me.  My heart sank.  Then he sprung to
life hauling the weighted sled down to the finish line.  I don't
remember where he placed that day, nor does it really
matter.  I just remember that exhilarated feeling of
accomplishment of dog and human working together.  Who
knew that this event was just the beginning of life destined
to "go to the dogs".  And that is exactly what happened.  My
life went to the dogs.  There is not one aspect of my life that
is not touched by a dog in some way.  My love of the
northern breed has expanded to include Saint Bernards,
Presa Canarios, Pit bulls, American Bulldogs, and Staffie
bulls to name a few.  And dog sports include more than just
dog sledding and weight pulling.    My dogs are my life.  I
started this business not only to support my "dog habit", but I
want everyone to experience that moment that I did.  That
moment when they connect with their dog on a deeper
level, and create a working relationship.  
So "Come", "Sit", "Stay",
and enjoy your dog the way I enjoy mine.

Our pretty malamute, Denali,
wearing one of our dog sledding
Mimi, our American Bulldog, sporting
one of our harnesses and collars.
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What's New
Buell, our Presa, in harness with
one of our collars and leashes.
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Located in beautiful Middle Tennessee:

Missy Kehler



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I attend many dog events, so please give me a day or two
to respond.
of mine.  This one is of my foster
dog, Bernie.  A pit mix that was left
on a rooftop during a hot summer
day and suffered severe burns to his
feet and back.