Standard Weight Pull Harnesses
30 pound Sprint demonstrating a
stock size small harness.
Homer, our 90 lb malamute,
wearing a stock size 2xl.
The Working Canine                        Quality equipment at affordable prices
harnesses that come in general sizes based
on the average weight of the dog.

(See chart to the left).  

The medium to 6xl harness is made of 2" wide
webbing through out the harness.  It is
padded with polar fleece from the breast plate to
spreader bar, the  breast, and around the neck.  
The spreader bar is made from 1" oak and
taped.  A 2" welded stainless steel D ring is
used for the hookup point.

The 3x small to small sized harnesses are made
of 1 1/2" wide webbing with a 1 1/2"
welded stainless steel D ring.

They are made out of the same material as the
custom harnesses.

These harnesses are not custom fitted to your

They are perfect for kennels, clubs, the
beginner to get started, or a growing dog.
Stock Sizes
3x small: 15-20lbs
2x small: 20-25lbs
Xsmall: 25-30lbs
Small:  30-40lbs
Medium: 40-50lbs
Large:  50-60lbs
XLarge: 60-80lbs
2XL: 80-100lbs
3XL:  100-120lbs
4XL:  120-130lbs
5XL: 130-140lbs
6XL:  140-150lbs

These sizes are general sizes
and based on an average
weight.  Some breeds may
require a custom made harness
If you need help with sizing,
please feel free to email me at:
Pricing for Standard Harnesses:

For sizes Medium to 6XL:

For sizes 3x small to  small:

Shipping to the US is $12 for the first harness, and $4 for each additional.
For bulk orders,  I will try to keep the postage as close to cost as
possible.  Shipping to Canada is $35 for the first harness, and $5 for
each additional.
Custom Weight Pull Harnesses
Custom weight pull harnesses are made the
same way as the standard harnesses except
they are made to fit your dog based on
measurements that you supply.

The base price of a custom harness
for dogs 40lbs on up and
made of 2" wide webbing is:

The base price of a custom harness
for dogs 40lbs or less and
made of 1 1/2" wide webbing is:

Customize your harness with the following:

D-ring at the neck for leash hookup.......$6

Accent striping of your choice.................$10

Neoprene padding on the neck...................$10

Taped foam padding on the neck...............$12

Additional fleece padding along the back.......$10

Padded spreader bar..............................$10

Sorry, no embroidery available at this time.
To Order

Email me with the information below:
harness size(s)
colors desired
any options desired
mailing address

I will send you a confirmation email.

Payments methods are:
check, money order, paypal, or credit

Shipping time will be based on what you

Email me at:
D-Ring at the neck, and neoprene
padding around the neck.
Fat Boy, an AB, in a weight pull
harness with a flame accent.
An example of taped foam padding
around the neck.
An example of neoprene padding
around the neck.  Neoprene is 1/4"
thick rubber that is sandwiched
between the fleece and the webbing.
Make your harness
stand out
Accent Fabric.

Many to choose from!

Click here to see
some samples:

Accent Samples
This is an example of the extra fleece padding along the backstraps.
Custom and Stock Weight Pull Harnesses
Daniel Womack's
Hera, working in her

Kelly Green
Forest Green
Olive Green
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Silver Gray

Can be done in
any solid color.

Spreader bar can be
padded with taped foam
for the more sensitive